Ireo Gurgaon Hills Gwal Pahari Gurgaon Faridabad Road

Ireo Gurgaon Hills

Location : Gwal Pahari ( Gurgaon ),
Property Type : Residential,
Sub Type : Apartments,
Unit Type :3 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK, Penthouse
Size =4787 – 10985 Sq.Ft.
Project Status-Under Construction
Availability-Booking Open
Subvention Scheme (25:75) & PLP Plan (40:60) Available.
The project is offering four to five buildings of total 268 units. 3 BHK, 4BHK as well 5BHK apartments are available inside these building complexes. There are 10 floors with 4 flats on each floor. The area of 3 BHK, 4BHK and 5 BHK properties are 4784.04, 6340.71 and 10901.12 square feet respectively. Thus, the total area of all the units is 22025.87 square feet.
The property of Ireo Gurgaon Hills is located in the Gwal Pahari area in Gurgaon city. All the major roadways, railways or airport is quite near the apartments. One of the biggest advantages of the location of the building is that all the major industrial areas of the cities, where most of the companies are situated, are almost at walking distances. The flats are also in close proximity to the shopping, malls, shopping centers and other marketing places of the city. The buildings are located near the main road, thus they can easily catch different types of automobiles from their gate. The famous amusement parks and theatres are also near the housing complexes. The underground railway system or metro rail is also quite near these housing complexes. Thus, the location of this project is best suited for the civilians.
Amenities and facilities of Ireo Gurgaon Hills Gurgaon
Ireo Gurgaon Hills property in Gurgaon city offers lavish apartments for comfortable and very peaceful family residences. The flats are planned and designed by reputed architects of the country as well abroad. The floors of the entire building as well the garages are made of Italian marbles. The bathrooms and kitchens are covered with beautifully designed and water-resistant tiles. The doors are made of very high quality and long lasting wood. The window frames are made of wrought iron with glass panes. There are well-developed elevator and car parking systems in the compounds of the buildings. There are 24*7 hours of constant security guard system for the entire apartment. There are children’s park, garden, swimming pool, community halls and lawn facilities too. There is constant water supply system throughout the day with air-conditioned interiors. The rooms are all facing towards the southern direction and towards the front, thus allowing much airflow and light in the rooms. A very beautiful view of the entire city is available from the balconies of the houses. Generator system is present for power supply during load shedding.
Unit Type Basic Sale Price
All Towers 3 BHK Rs. 11,900/- Per Sq.Ft.
All Towers 4 BHK Rs. 11,900/- Per Sq.Ft.
Unit Sizes
3 Bed + L/D + Study + Family + SQ + 3 Bath + 3 Parking 4786.83 Sq.Ft.
4 Bed + L/D + Study + Family + SQ + 4 Bath + 3 Parking 6388.05 Sq.Ft.
5 Bed + L/D + Study + Family + 2 SQ + 5 Bath + 3 Parking 10985.29 Sq.Ft.
Aravali Facing (Tower B, C & D) Rs. 950 Per Sq.Ft.
Aravali Facing (Tower E & F) Rs.1000 Per Sq.Ft.
Horizon Facing Rs. 750 Per Sq.Ft.
Club Facing Rs.450 Per Sq.Ft.
Club facing, Aravali Facing (Tower D) Rs.1000 Per Sq.Ft.
Club facing, Horizon facing (Tower C) Rs.750 Per Sq.Ft.
Floor PLCs (Additional)
5th – 12th Floor Rs. 200 Per Sq.Ft.
13th – 15th Floor Rs. 300 Per Sq.Ft.
16th Floor & Above Rs. 500 Per Sq.Ft.
Penthouse Rs.1000 Per Sq.Ft.
Penthouse PLC will have an additional component depending upon the facing of the unit (no Floor PLC on Penthouse)
Other Charges
DC Rs. 325.32 Per Sq.Ft.
Infrastructure Augmentation Charges As Applicable
Club Membership As Applicable
* The apartments are available on a first come first serve basis and the rates applicable shall be those prevailing at the time of booking.
Possession Linked Payment Plan
Stage Charges
At the time of booking 10% of BSP
Within 30 days of Booking 25% of BSP + 50% of DC+25% of PLC
On offer to commence Interiors 60% of BSP+50% of PLC+50% of DC+50% of Club Charges+100% of RFMS
On possession 5% of BSP +50% of Club Charges+25% of PLC+other Charges as applicable
Subvention Payment Plan
Stage Charges Buyers Contribution Bank Contribution
At the time of booking 20%(BSP+PLC+EDC+IDC)+S.Tax 20 % 0 %
Within 3 Months of booking 30%(BSP+PLC+EDC+IDC)+S.Tax 0 % 30 %
On completion of half structure 15%(BSP+PLC+EDC+IDC)+S.Tax 0 % 15 %
On completion of structure 25%(BSP+PLC+EDC+IDC)+S.Tax 0 % 25 %
On offer of possession 10%(BSP+PLC+EDC+IDC) + Club membership + RFMS + S.Tax 5 % 5 %

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